United Christian Ashrams International

The UCAI is led by a small, national support staff, as well as an ecumenical, volunteer Board of Directors whose mission is to inspire the transformation of all persons to be followers of Jesus Christ, and thereby discover, renew, and deepen relationships with God, ourselves, and others.


Matt Henson

Executive Director

Rev. Matt Henson serves as the Associate Director, Member of the Four, and the International Committee Chairperson for the United Christian Ashram International Ministry. Matt also serves as the Executive Director and Lead Evangelist for Living the Adventure Ministries, a ministry he founded in 2007. Matt leads revivals, renewal events, and Christian Ashrams, while also leading teams on mission trips to Haiti, Zimbabwe, India, and domestically in the United States. Matt works alongside our Executive Director and other staff to communicate with our local ashrams and to help expand the UCAI vision internationally. Matt lives in rural Southern Illinois with his wife, Nancy and five children (Elijah, Micah, Judah, Isaiah, and Sarafina).

Tom Albin

Director of Development

Lisa Chandler

Office Manager

Lisa provides day-to-day support for the UCA. She is the main staff person in the Central Office located in Ruston, LA. Since beginning her work with the Ashram in 2010, she has been a constant presence and resource person for both local Ashram leaders and those who attend. Lisa has attended multiple Ashrams in North Louisiana and Texas.

Donna Sanders

Mission Coordinator

Donna Bell Sanders first attended Redwood Christian Ashram when she was a teenager and was blessed to hear Brother Stanley many times. She has served UCAI in many capacities, including Co-Director of Redwood, Western Region Coordinator, and currently as a Mission Coordinator and a member of the Council of Directors. She says: “I’m grateful that my three children also had the experience of being a part of such a loving community of Christ followers. It has enriched our lives.”

John Davis

Mission Coordinator

Brother John was raised in the India mission field. He first met E. Stanley Jones at Sat Tal, while still in grade school, and was blessed to hear him talk several times while in high school. John attended many Christian ashrams while growing up, and while not fully understanding the experience, came to realize that experiencing the Kingdom in miniature was where he had glimpsed and felt the complete and full way of life. John has served as registrar for the Colorado Christian Ashram, the UCAI Board of Directors, and as interim treasurer for the UCAI. He now serves as a Regional Mission Coordinator and is one of The Four. John is married to Karen and lives in Estes Park, Colorado. They have five grown children, the youngest two adopted. After college John joined the US Navy, flying off the USS Enterprise and Coral Sea, then instructing in the advanced jet syllabus. In 1985 he was hired by American Airlines and recently retired as a Boeing 777 captain. John is always reading one of Bro. Stanley’s books, and considers Jones a mentor in his Christian journey. Favorite books include The Way and The Word Became Flesh.

Board of Directors

Front Row (L to R) Dan Eischen, Marjorie Odell, Roberto Escamilla, Georganne Leonard, Matt Henson (holding daughter, Sarafina), Nancy Henson, Marlene Williams, Samuel Stanley Jones. 2nd Row (L to R) Denton Florian, Kate Flavell, Tom Albin. 3rd Row (L to R) Donna Sanders, Phil Newman, Wesley Hunter, Steve Rankin. Back Row (L to R) Peter VanderZaag, Garland Mahan, Jr., Brian Shimer, Asok Antony.